Jim Lange dies at 81; best-known as host of ‘The Dating Game’

Jim Lange dies at 81; best-known as host of ‘The Dating Game’

Jim Lange had been the first and host that is best-known of television show that features turned out to be identified because of the moving belated 1960s and 1970s: “The Dating Game.”

“we had been truly the very first truth show,” he stated in a 2002 instances meeting, “paving the way in which for Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, ‘Big Brother.'”

Maybe not that Lange, whom graduated laude that is cum the University of Minnesota, ended up being therefore pleased with those offspring. He invested significantly more than 50 years in radio and tv and hoped to 1 time have a TV talk show. But Lange felt their relationship with “The Dating Game” stymied loftier ambitions, and then he knew it might be their legacy.

“It’ll be on my tombstone,” he stated in a 1991 bay area Chronicle meeting.

Lange, 81, died at his home in Mill Valley tuesday. The main cause ended up being a heart assault, stated their child, Romney.

“The Dating Game” first went regarding the atmosphere in the ABC community in belated 1965 when Lange had been a popular host on KSFO-AM radio in bay area. “He I did so the morning that is 6-to-10 time during the radio place,” Romney Lange said, “then 3 days a week he’d can get on a plane, fly to L.A., tape five ‘Dating Game’ programs and fly straight back.”

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